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Supporting and training children and youth of all abilities and communities. 

About Us


South Gator Basketball Club Mission

Support underserved children and youth living in Los Angeles County communities create community through basketball, develop mental strength, and  aspire for higher education.


  • South Gator Basketball Club (SGBC) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization
  • Established September 2017 in South Gate, California
  • Partnering with varied nonprofit organizations and  businesses to provide low cost or free services to children and youth of underserved communities  
  • Uniting with I-motion to provide quality basketball training to children, youth and adults  of all abilities, genders and communities
  • Provide low cost tutoring services
  • Provide low cost short term psychotherapy 
  • Provide emotional support, academic support, and financial support to selected boys and girls basketball, individual athletes or other sports programs in South and East Los Angeles communities (SELA Sports Fund)
  • Take youth and their families to college preparation, arts, and varied multicultural events 
  • Provide financial support to South and East Los Angeles community programs and agencies that fall within the 3 Gator Pillars to Success (see below)
  • Your DONATIONS make it possible for underserved children and youth to keep active, learn to self care and aspire for higher education.
  • ALL donations maybe tax deductible  

Supporting ALL sports in underserved communities

South Gator Basketball Club donated workout t-shirts to the South East High School Football Team.


Physical Health

Develop members ability to incorporate various athletic fundamentals while emphasizing importance of exercise.

Literacy and Math Competence

Develop members ability to complete basic math and English. Multilinguilism is encouraged. Click on the Tutoring and Counseling tab for more information.

Emotional Wellnes

Develop members self esteem and provide emotional support. Click on the Tutoring and Counseling tab for more information.

Emotional Support Tips

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GATORS are proud to partner with

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GATORS are proud to partner with

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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will help: 

  • fund  sports programs for underserved youth in Los Angeles County communities 

  • provide academic support to student athletes ages 4-17

  • provide emotional support to children and youth in South and East Los Angeles communities. 
  • Donations maybe tax deductible. 
  • South Gator Basketball Club is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization.

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Creating community and building mental strength through basketball

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