Physical Health Services

Move Better, Play Better Class

Class Instructors: 

Marco Lopez PT, DPT, CSCS

Gabriel Ignacio PT, DPT, TPI

Goal: decrease injuries in children, youth and adults involved in organized sports groups and/or who maintain an active lifestyle in varied sporting activities 

Objective: Teach children, youth and adults proper body movements 

Focus population: children, youth and adults 

Ages: Girls and boys ages 5-17 and adults

Provider: The Basketball Doctor’s

Collaborator: South Gator Basketball Club 

Cost:  Move Better, Play Better Class

45 minute class (upgrade to a one hour class for $10 more)

  • $50 donation per session 

The Monthly membership class "Move Better, Play Better" will focus on a mixture of injury prevention and movement performance to improve mechanics optimizing their game. It will be a 45 minute class in which will cover a different topic every month. 

The goal for the class is to teach the athlete how to optimize their movement to perform their best on the court. 

5 minute warm up

15-20 minute: Injury Screen and Movement Breakdown 

15-20 minute: Exercise and Neuromuscular training 

Reducing injury and increasing flexibility!

For more information, please call or text Ariel Escobedo at (818) 554-6272

Zumba for Kids and Adults

Zumba for Kids, Youth and Adults


Zumba for everyone! Monica Mendez, also       known as Zin Valdivia,   offers mobile Zumba lessons  for people  of all ages at their home, school, church, or place of business. Call or text Ariel Escobedo at (818) 554-6272 to reserve your Zumba sesesion TODAY!

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