SELA Sports Fund

South and East Los Angeles (S ELA) fund is offered to established  basketball or other sports programs in SELA communities who provide athletic training to underserved children and youth. All candidates undergo an interview. Please call Ariel Escobedo at (818) 554-6272  for more information.  


Recipient of the 2018-19 SELA Sports Fund

South Gator Basketball Club is proud to be sponsoring the South East High School Girls Basketball team. The  team will receive monetary, emotional and academic support from the South Gator Basketball Club. We look forward to a great academic year and fun basketball season. 

2019-20 SELA Sports Fund Recipients



  • Warren High School Basketball Team
  • Norwalk High School  Basketball Team
  • Lakewood High School Soccer Team
  • South Gate High School Soccer Team
  • South East High School Football Team